How To Choose An Engagement Ring For Her?

Is your engagement around the corner? Are you facing difficulty in buying the best engagement ring for ‘her’? We present a quick post on 2 most popular engagement rings categories available today along with a detailed analysis of their properties to help you in this difficult dilemma.

# 1 – Amethyst Engagement Rings

  • Amethyst Engagement Rings for women include Amethyst crystal.
  • It is considered as one of the premium gemstones which provides instant relief from stress and anxiety as it has healing properties.
  • It is a light to the dark purple semi-precious stone which can come as a geode, cluster or a single point. It is actually derived from the parent quartz family. The crystal gemstone is associated with the planet Jupiter and elements of air.
  • It is a powerful and protective stone with distinctive properties to spend good positive energy and also acts as a ‘shield’ to protect ‘her’ from any psychic attack. The gentle vibrations of the stone are very comforting. It is a soothing stone to control fear, anger, and irritability.
  • If you gift ‘her’ an Amethyst engagement ring, she will definitely enjoy a sound sleep and will only dream about you☺. The best part is that she will start her next morning fully re-energized. Amethyst Engagement Rings for Women are best suited for shy and introvert women.

# 2 – Citrine Diamond Rings

  • Citrine is a yellow-orange crystal. It promotes happiness and well-being. It is considered as a very powerful and energetic crystal. It can boost energy levels and automatically dispels negative energy.
  • For this sole reason, it is considered as a great crystal cleaner. As compared to other stones and crystals which absorb negative energy, Citrine dispels the negative energy. It can attract wealth, success, and stimulates the creativity.
  • If your ‘soon-to-be-better-half’ is interested in writing/drawing/painting/designing/inventing, this gemstone will definitely help her become more creative in these fields. She will know her inner potential and become more self-confident. Citrine Diamond Rings for Womens are best suited for creative and extrovert.


  • After reading the content in this post, you can pick the right engagement ring. Also, you need to buy it from a genuine and authentic store which sells rings with 100% natural gemstones.
  • You must also verify the size of the ring before buying it. If an online site provides free resizing services, you can definitely buy your engagement ring from that online store. The site must have a ring size chart to determine the ring size as per the country’s standard easily.

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